Address: Queen Elizabeth 2, Mina Rashid, P.O. Box 6769, Dubai, UAE


Not long after its launch in 1969, the QE2 was struggling to sustain operations. The ship’s owners had many debates whether to scrap her or convert her entirely. In 1972, an extensive refit was finally approved after a secretive group of investors unexpectedly pitched in funding. However, this influential and shadowy group stipulated that one area of the ship be cordoned off and locked up for them, and only them, to use. And for the decades that followed, no one was allowed in the space. The only thing that came out was the occasion scream…

What happened behind those doors? What was locked away? And why?

Only recently, with the ship docked in Dubai, was this space finally unlocked. In a decades-long scheme they codenamed Project Rising Star, a disturbing series of botched and failed human experiments were conducted.

We open this space to the public this Halloween. Experience it for yourself – if you can stomach it. But beware of what – and who – was left behind…

17 October – 2 November 2019

Level 1: A creepy exploration below the decks. Good for families, the faint of heart and those who scare easily.

Level 2: A scary experience. Enter if you’re willing to risk losing a little sleep.

Level 3: This will test your psychological limits. Signing a waiver will be required. This is not just a stunt. This is intense.

*DISCLAIMER* The Project Rising Star story is fictional