Address: Queen Elizabeth 2, Mina Rashid, P.O. Box 6769, Dubai, UAE

The British Butler Institute

The British Butler Institute is an international school for butler administrators and household managers. The first branch in the Middle Eastern region will open on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 as a unique academy offering students a unique training experience.

Offering a wide selection of courses covering everything from polishing shoes and packing a suitcase, to F&B service etiquette, flower arrangements and interacting with VVIP’s – the institution is set to play an essential role in further enhancing the service delivery for which the region is renowned.

10 Day Butler School

The Butler Service Essentials Training Programme is especially developed for all front of house staff to learn and deliver skills at the highest level.

Topic overview:

  • The Professional – defining yourself as a professional
  • Personal Presentation – a head to toe overview of your personal presentation
  • Enter the VVIP World – learning the lifestyle and expectation of the super wealthy
  • Understanding the nature of self-confidence – boosting self-esteem and confidence in 15 steps
  • Polished language skills – simple yet efficient vocabulary tactics
  • Client profiling – anticipation of the individual client needs
  • Packing and unpacking a suitcase
  • Body language – how to stand, move, present items, carry a tray and knock on a door
  • Cleaning and polishing shoes
  • Eye to detail – creating a checklist
  • Anticipation and consistency techniques – a front of house check-list of techniques to deliver consistently high levels of service
  • Meet, greet and departures - a detailed service standard protocol for the meet and greet and departure of the guest
  • Room service delivery
  • High tea – set-up and delivery
  • Setting a formal and informal table
  • Dining service - a thorough understanding of all types of dining service, including timings, poise and correct protocol for all occasions
  • Table Decoration - inspirations around the table, ideas and creativity.
  • Delivering Silver Service - a very good practical knowledge of the step to deliver seamless silver service
  • Pouring of drinks essentials - bottle presentation / stance / language and making the guest feel special
  • How to open a bottle of champagne and service with elegance and style
  • How to prepare and serve fresh fruit both buffet and
  • room standards including the added extras
  • The visitor’s book
  • Seating a guest
  • Laying trays for every occasion
  • Correct deportment with the handling of all tray sizes - How to stand / walk and deliver with a tray
  • Cigar understanding and service delivery - How to deliver cigars / cigar knowledge / correct etiquette and the cigar kit essentials
  • How to open and close doors. Knocking protocol
  • Jacket presentation: Jacket on and off
  • Pool set-up and delivery of service.
  • An in-depth look at pool side excellence and how to deliver
  • the very best service available and upsell with finesse.
  • Wake-up service and the service of an early
  • morning drink.
  • Napkin folds and presentation.
  • Newspaper and letter delivery.
  • Room and area check list.
  • Taking an order and menu familiarity and dealing with spillage.
  • How to welcome a late guest.
  • How to deal with a drunk guest.
  • How to deal with a guest asking confidential information.
  • How to deal with a guest smoking in a non-smoking environment.
  • How to deal with the greedy guest.
  • How to deal with a flirting guest.
  • Room orientation.
  • Turndown excellence.
  • What makes the best concierge professionals in the world?

26th January – 1st February 2019 │ AED 18,375 (including VAT, stationary, certification and pins)

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